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Our company

The company owns a railway siding and a service roadway connected to the nearest railway station and it is the sole owner of the railway line from the nearest station to the place of loading of coal (loading and unloading complex).

The length of the railway track is 13,441 km.

The distance from the loading and unloading complex to Zhalyn deposit is 30.1 km.

The total area of land under its own railway track - 10.6339 ha.

A graded road is laid to the deposit and leads to the automobile road of national importance. Communication between residential communities is carried out on natural soil roads.

The company possesses all the necessary infrastructure for production activity, including railway service roadway, electricity transmission lines, roads, water supply systems, administrative buildings and special equipment.

Social projects

Every year, according to the memorandum

  • Providing the veterans of the Great Patriotic War (World War II) and similar categories of people, low-income families.
  • Participation in the construction of the bath complex in Yeralievo village.
  • Allocation of funds for road maintenance in Yeralievo village.
  • Assistance in employment of residents of Yeralievo village.

“Saryarka ENERGY” LLP works closely with local authorities. It participates in the daily living activities of the local population of Zhanarka district as well as in significant events of the village and the region as a whole.