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About the deposit: Zhalyn coal mine is located in Zhanarka District of Karaganda region of Kazakhstan, 350 kilometers from the city of Karaganda.

Zhalyn deposit is prepared for industrial development in projected open pit. The deposit is operated since 2009. “Sary-Arka-ENERGY” LLP has the contract for the production of coal in Zhalyn deposit.

The contract for the production of coal is dated December 9, 2008 and is concluded with the Ministry of Energy and Mineral Resources of the Republic of Kazakhstan for 25 years. The total area of Zhalyn deposit is 4,015 sq. km, the mining is conducted openly.

Reserves of coal deposits:

  • balanced 55.2 million Tons;
  • Industrial 49.1 million Tons.

Between the years of 2015-2019 the planned volume of coal production is 1 million tons per year. Starting from the year 2020 it is planned to increase coal production to 2 million tons per year.

Development systems

Based on the mining-and-geological conditions of the coal deposits, its mining is to be conducted:

  • by open-cut mining using the transport system of development with hydraulic excavator with the capacity of 4 - 15 m3 with loading dump trucks with carrying capacity of 42-45 tons, 130 tons.

Advantages of the company

  • Possession of the production field;
  • Favorable mining and processing conditions;
  • The close proximity of the coal seams to the surface;
  • Minor power of overburden;
  • The field is ready for industrial development;
  • The presence of high-tech and high-performance equipment and technology;
  • Competitive products;
  • Human resources.

3. The quality and characteristics of coal

Coal deposits of Zhalyn have ranks G, DG and D and referred to as caking coal with low ash, low percentage of sulfur, and high calorific value and of the medium category of washability.

The ash content of coal is from 4.0% - to 38.0%, operating humidity is from 3 - to 4.2%, net calorific value of the fuel - from 3800 to 6400 Kcal/kg.